3 Ways You Can Set Yourself Apart With Your List

October 19, 2021 Jonathan Higgins

3 Ways You Can Set Yourself Apart With Your List

Email marketing can be overwhelming.

And if you’re just doing what everyone else is, then you’re doing your audience a disservice.

They subscribed to your list for a reason.

And you need to set yourself apart by giving them valuable, helpful information and nurturing the relationship.


3 Ways You Can Set Yourself Apart with Your List

There are many ways to develop your own style for your email marketing journey.

And there are three ways you can cater to the needs of your audience and kind of set yourself apart from the crowd.


#1 – Link Them To Helpful Blog Posts

The first method is to link them to truly helpful blog posts – the kind your readers crave!

This can be blog posts you write or those written by other people.

But don’t just sell to your audience, help them!

Blog posts are free, not products for sale, and they give readers a chance to provide comments and build a relationship with you and other readers, too.

#2 – Announce Unexpected Freebies

Another thing you can do to set yourself apart is to announce some unexpected freebies for your subscribers.

While everyone else is selling 24/7, you’ll be gifting truly valuable information to your list.

Preferably things others won’t have access to.

For a free gift, you can create a private blog post tutorial, short or long report, a membership site, webinar, or more.

If you want to, you can even purchase some private label rights and turn it into a course to gift your audience.

Not sure where to find resources? There are tons of networking and educational opportunities in my Free Time, Money, & Happiness Matters Facebook group.


#3 – Have The Right Attitude

Some people think they have to have some persona that acts like they’re above and beyond everyone else.

This egotistical nature can work if your persona is intentionally a jerk.

But if your goal is to help people, then actually announce that to your list!

Many readers are too intimidated to reach out to you with questions.

So having an open invitation can really set you apart from the usual marketers who keep themselves off-limits.

But it’s not enough to simply say, “Email me if you have any questions.”

You have to follow through with your invitation.

If anyone emails you for help, roll up your sleeves and show them how helpful you are when money’s not a factor.

This builds loyalty and trust – and good word of mouth will spread far for you.

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