5 Keys to Crafting Higher Quality Content

July 30, 2021 Jonathan Higgins

5 Keys to Crafting Higher Quality Content

In today’s digital landscape, audiences are being inundated with a torrent of content and marketing messaging that’s made engagement more elusive. Consider the fact that in the ad realm alone, the latest projections estimate that the average person encounters 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements every single day.

To capture the attention of fatigued audiences and earn their trust, it’s never been more vital for content marketers to prioritize substance over clickbait. Weakly planned and poorly written and/or executed content sends an immediate red flag to readers. It erodes a brand’s relationship with its customers and audiences, and tarnishes its overall perception, plain and simple.

Never take for granted how easy it is to be ignored. The audience always has the upper hand and the ability to dismiss you and your content completely. That’s why quality is of utmost importance, so that once you catch a reader’s eye, you can deliver the value and substance that keeps them reading till the end, and coming back to your brand for more.

To craft higher quality content, the team from Industry Dive says to focus on these 5 key areas:

1. Write Better Headlines
2. Make the Story More Meaningful
3. Consult Subject Matter Experts
4. Be a Thought Leader
5. Remember: You Can’t Be an Expert on Everything

Check out the detailed overview of these 5 key areas here when you get a chance.

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A version of this post first appeared on Industry Dive

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