Facebook Stories Introduction

August 23, 2020
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August 23, 2020 Jonathan Higgins

Facebook Stories Introduction

If you’ve never checked out Facebook’s ever-expanding array of education courses and guides – either in its Facebook Blueprint center or within its Facebook Business tools – you really should take the time to have a look. While most of the notes and insights start from a fairly basic level, covering for all Facebook users, they expand into some pretty in-depth digital marketing and usage tips, which can help anyone improve their Facebook and/or Instagram approach.

And as noted, Facebook is always building upon these resources. Case in point – recently, Facebook updated its courses to add in new notes on how creators can make best use of Facebook’s News Feed and Facebook Stories.

And while, again, some of the notes are things that you would be well aware of, there are some interesting additional considerations included, which could help to get you thinking on how to boost your Stories usage in particular.

As an example, Social Media Today adapted the Stories tips into an infographic here, highlighting some interesting notes and pointers for improving your Facebook Stories. Additionally, I highlighted a few ideas below on when to use Facebook Stories.


  • Share timely information (like announcements, events, sneak peeks or breaking news) or fun moments without cluttering your News Feed.
  • Post breaking news or reminders. Stories appear at the top of the Facebook app, making them the first thing your followers will see.
  • Post very short videos without negatively impacting your distribution on News Feed or Watch (where videos should be 1+ minute long).
  • Post previews or excerpts to reach and engage followers who might miss your content in News Feed or Watch.
  • Unleash your creativity with hundreds of customizable text, stickers, freehand drawing, effects, filters, overlays and augmented reality features not available for News Feed or Watch.
  • Take votes and let your friends and fans weigh in with customizable polls and star ratings.

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