Gen Z and Millennial Social Consumer Habits [Infographic]

March 13, 2021 Jonathan Higgins

Gen Z and Millennial Social Consumer Habits [Infographic]

It has been documented in countless articles and “think-pieces”, that consumer behaviors changed significantly over the past year.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most people to stay home, which logically led to a major boost in eCommerce spending. Those habits are projected to become habitual for many, even after the pandemic, with the ease of use and convenience of shopping from home now second nature for a growing number of consumers.

But within this, it’s important to note exactly how people are discovering and buying items.

To provide some more insight on this, The Influencer Marketing Factory recently conducted a study of 350 consumers, focusing on Gen Z and Millennial shoppers, to glean some insight into their shifting preferences when it comes to social media, products and their overall consumer behavior.

There are some valuable notes here – you can read the Influencer Marketing Factory’s full report here, or check out the attached infographic for the summary.

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