How To Read Body Language In The Digital Age

August 13, 2021
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August 13, 2021 Jonathan Higgins

How To Read Body Language In The Digital Age

When you’re unable to read a person’s body language, it’s like you’re missing half the conversation.

Not only do our words tell a story, but our bodies also do too.

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Non-verbal cues are what emotionally intelligent people use to fill in the blanks. 

So, what do we do if most of our communication takes place online?

How can we compensate?

Integrate Video Conferencing

One-on-one or group video conferences through platforms like Zoom or Skype are a great way to get to know people ‘face to face.’

Video calls also have a group chat function running simultaneously, which is a great way for people to quickly jump in and offer an opinion or lighten the mood, all while the primary conversation is taking place.

It’s an especially valuable tool if used consistently – bonds are quickly formed in this space.

Be Aware Of Your Camera On Video Calls

‘Camera language’ is the new body language.

People make assumptions and judgments based on your composure (or lack thereof) onscreen.

Position your camera so that you fill ¾ of the screen – make sure you’re not just visible from the chin up or neck down.Don’t sit so far away from the camera that you’re a tiny speck in the distance (people may wonder what you’re hiding)Make sure you look straight into the camera. Don’t work on something else or message people on your phone. People can tell that you’re multi-tasking when your eyes are focused downward for too longDon’t fidget, continually fix your hair, or adjust your camera. This makes you appear self-conscious and uncomfortable


While emojis are unprofessional in formal settings, if you’ve developed a working relationship that involves messaging on the fly, emojis can be a great tool for communication.

Like body language, emojis provide context, ensuring that your messages don’t come across as curt or sarcastic.

Just make sure not to overuse them.

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