$800.00 for the first month and then $300.00 per month



Setup/Audit Fee: $500
Maintenance Fee: $300/month

Visionostics works with your team to scale your business at every stage of the social media funnel. From reaching new audiences to re-engaging past customers.

We spend your money like it’s our own. From the ad types we use to the creative that gets the most engagement – it’s all entirely customized to your goals, your audience, and business to make sure we’re capitalizing on every ad dollar.

Our access to the industry’s most sophisticated data analysis tools and our years of experience will help turn your social media into one of your most profitable channels.

What’s Included?

+ Audience Segmentation
+ Ad Placement and Targeting Adjustments
+ Geo-targeting Improvements
+ Platform and Application Comparison

+ Ad Copy Optimization and Testing
+ Cost and Performance Analysis
+ Check-In Calls/Meetings
+ Monthly Campaign Performance Report